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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. Cancellation:
As the client, you reserve the right to cancel at any time during the campaign. Cancellation of 48 hours written notice is required. Any work will discontinue at that point. However, any work that has been done will be calculated and billed at the standard rate of $30AUD an hour. Any monies due will be refunded AFTER billing hours are calculated and tallied. EXAMPLE: If you took up the Special Offer of 60 hrs for 40, then decide you want to stop half way through (with only making part or half payment), then you WILL be billed for the total hours worked at the standard rate of $30 an hour. (EXAMPLE: CLIENT A takes up special offer of 60 hours for 40. Client then pays for half up from ($400). When first batch of hours are complete (30 hrs) Client A then decides to “hold off”. CLIENT A is then billed for those 30 hours at $30 an hour ($900), less the amount already paid.

2. Charge Backs:

In the event you paid in advance, then decide to “request a refund” after the work has been done, your details will be listed through various “Employment/Job” forums, as well as submitted to each Chamber of Commerce/BBB in your area, as well as listed on any and all Social Network sites, and including, but not limited to, contacting ALL of your prospects and informing them of your dodgy practices.

It is a shame that we have to do this, but there are businesses out there who are under-handed and  like to use the services of freelancers for nothing.

This is very simple. If you would employ someone inhouse, you are expected to pay them for their time. Freelancers expect no less. You are paying for a service. Don’t abuse that right just because they are not local to you.