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Referral Bonus

Referral Bonus

During February – April, if you refer a collegue to use my service, you will be receive 20% off your next order.

EG: Order a block of 20 hours for 300 GBP and get 20% discount.

* Referred client need to use service for at least 1 week
* No limit on number of clients you refer. If you refer 2 or more clients who use my service, you will only be entitled to 20% discount per order you personally place.
* All orders are to be paid in full in advance
* Offer does not include VAT/GST

Telemarketing – Still The Forefront Of Business

Telemarketing – Still The Forefront Of Business
By Chris Jackson
Dated: Oct 23, 2009

Telemarketing – That word can send a lot of people running for the phone to register on the National Do Not Call Directory in an effort to not be called during dinner or the football game.

So many people fail to realize that Telemarketing is the backbone and strength of every successful business. From the small developing business to the multinational. Telemarketing is still the forefront of every successful marketing campaign.
Back some years ago, before the birth of “Mass Telemarketing” – which did lead to the industry getting a bad name – the old ways of marketing involved placing an ad in the yellow pages, advertising in the local newspaper, and handing out flyers to promote one’s business.
While those styles of marketing are still in force today, what methods are more and more businesses turning to? That’s right. Telemarketing. While it can be said that traditional advertising and marketing efforts can bring in results, telemarketing is still the fastest way to create Awareness of your business, and in today’s competitive marketplace, you need every resource available to bring in new clientele.
Telemarketing is just more than someone calling you and offering you a subscription for the latest magazine fad. Telemarketing, and how other perceive the caller – is your first line of attack in the business market.
In fact, come to think of it, everyone uses their own form of telemarketing in one way or another. Let me explain. Say for example you want to apply for a home loan. What do you do? You search out the banks in the area, make some calls, find out about their criteria and mortgage rate, then you compare. Or, if you need some mechanical work done on your car. What do you do? That’s right, you call different mechanics, get some prices, and make a decision from there. Or what about when you want to enroll your toddler in school? Do you settle for any school that you see or do you phone different ones to find out more about them? If you are the norm, in all instances you will call around, get information and make your decision from there. That, dear residential friend, is Telemarketing. Maybe it is not the same style of telemarketing as you would be used to, when you are called at dinner time, but still, what you have done is essentially “Cold Calling”. Albeit – Telemarketing.
Businesses that are developing are realizing the importance of Telemarketing. Even the start up venture funding corporations are realizing this. Even many businesses that have never even considered telemarketing as an option for their promotion or to increase sales of their products and/or services are turning to telemarketing. Why? Because telemarketing is still the fastest way to convey your message across to your potential buyers.
Sure, internet marketing can work. But the dynamics of putting an effective campaign together, coupled with; Building a website; SEO marketing; PPC Campaigns, Social Networking, and to add to this that you are competing with some 3 Billion other unique domain names AND further competing with the other 2,000 websites that are being built everyday, your hope of creating a successful presence by using the internet alone is not something that will bring immediate results.
Advertising in your local paper can work. But the Return On Investment is not something that would bring the results you want. So what other alternatives are there? There is Radio or TV spots. Nice idea, if you have thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to spend on a campaign, that may get you half a dozen or so calls for your money.
Bottom Line? Bottom line is Telemarketing is still the fastest way to get the word out about your business. Yes, telemarketing has had a bad rap over the years, but it is still the lifeblood of every successful business.
I am not a genius with an IQ of 160. But I know Telemarketing. I have worked in the Telemarketing Industry for the past 15 years, and in that time I have worked with SME’s to Fortune 500 Companies in the United States, Canada, UK/Ireland, Dubai, Russia, and Australasia, and I have personally generated close to 500 Million USD for companies globally.
I have been dubbed one of “the few Multinational experts in the industry”, “A leading veteran in the field”, and “There are telemarketing pros, then there is Chris Jackson”.
If you are considering using telemarketing for your business, do your homework. Telemarketing is more than a job. For some of us, it is an Art. If you would like a free 30 minute consultation about your campaign, I would be happy to talk with you more to discuss opportunities.
Skype name is: Leadsnz
About the Author
Chris Jackson is the author of several books, including the book “Pick Up The Phone – The Fundamentals Of Modern Telemarketing”, and an expert in the field of Marketing and Telemarketing. Founder of several successful businesses over the past 15 years, Mr. Jackson has experience in a wide variety of industries and geographic locations including North America, Europe and Australasia. Combining a unique blend of entrepreneurial flair and breadth of experience acquired over the past 15 years, Mr Jackson has consulted to dozens of companies as a marketing strategist to assist business owners to unshackle themselves from the day-to-day operations of their companies, catapult their success and achieve personal and financial


Answers to the most common questions I receive online or by email about the service:

1. Do you work in our time zone?

Yes we can call into your country. If you are familiar with the phrase “follow the sun“, then no further explanation is necessary.

2. How can you help me?

We have worked the B2C/B2B/Corporate sector for 22 years, working with clients in the US, Canada, Australia, UK/Ireland, Dubai, Europe, Russia, Hong Kong. Not only do we have the experience in these arenas, but we have lived in the US, Europe and Australasia. Each country and target market is different, depending on whether you want to reach out to SME’s to A, B or C Level Executives.

3. Are the fees negotiable? Can you work on commission?

Fees are only negotiable for existing/established clients. As for taking on projects that are commission based, we don’t accept commission work.

4. Can you come to our workplace and train our staff?

Yes. Staff Training is subject to the fees listed HERE.

5. What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel the service at any time. However, if you cancel during the block/time ordered, any refund due will be subject to standard fees.

6. How do I know the leads are good?

Chris has been in this industry for 24 years, and he has generated over $500 million dollars for clients globally. His referrals listed speak for themselves.

7. Do you outsource the work to someone else?

If your project is on a large scale, then we work with local Freelancers in our network who are onboard to assist in generating leads. Otherwise, we do all the calling ourselves.

8. If I use your service, am I eligible to claim this on my tax?

Yes. Any fees you pay a consultant are eligible to be counted under “business expenses”, of which you can itemize and include when you lodge your tax return. If requested, I can submit a monthly invoice in PDF format for you to lodge with your accountant. If you have questions, ask your accountant.

9. Do you find your own leads or do we supply them?

We prefer that you supply the data. Otherwise, any data harvesting is subject to standard fees. Please note, that if you supply the data for me to use, then you can expect the results to be based on  the quality of the data. IE: If you give me a database that is over 6 months old, and some of the prospects have been spoken to before, and then when I call and find out that the prospect has never heard of you, or the prospect never worked at the company, then don’t expect miracles. A Telemarketer will only be as good as the data provided. Another words, don’t expect gold when digging through a pile of mud.

10. Where are you located?

We are based in Philippines but we spend our leisure time traveling between Australia/Philippines/ UK and Europe. We are avid travel-bugs. We travel every two or three years, and wherever we go, the Laptops come with us. So we work remotely from whatever country we are based in.

11. You also write Business Plans?

Yes. Chris has dealt with many businesses in the past 24 years that wanted advice on how to put together a Business Plan, from those seeking $10,000 Micro-loan through to those who sought $50 Million Venture Funding. Chris has written Business Plans that are simple through to complex plans that Venture Capitalists look for.

12. I am interested in starting a campaign. Can I have a conference call with you to discuss?

Sure.  Contact  us  for a FREE 15 minute consultation to discuss your requirements. However, if you want to talk about your campaign at length (or at your office), a standard fee applies. NOTE: If you would like me to come to your office for a consultation, a standard fee of $45 an hour applies, (plus travel costs).

13. I don’t have a script. Can you write one for us?

Yes. I can write a professional script. The fee for this is $100 AUD, complete with rebuttals

14. How can I be sure you provide the service I want and not run off with my money?

I have a lot of feedback, and the results speak for themselves. On this site you will find the highlights of what I have accomplished over the last several years, as well as client testimonials.


FYI’s: Your Call Center Team (or individual) is your first line of attack. How the prospect sees you as a company comes down to how Knowledgeable & Professional the telemarketer is.

If you want Professionalism, you hire a professional to do the work. A Professional may cost more, but they also get the job done with no supervision.

For more details, contact me.


Pick Up The Phone – Voted in the Top Ten in the P&E Readers Poll 2009!

Pick Up The Phone: The Fundamentals of Modern Telemarketing Chris Jackson
Copyright © 2009

Chris’ first work of non-fiction was about the subject he has been involved in for the past 15 years. Marketing and Telemarketing.

Telemarketing has come along way since it began some 50 years ago. This book will show you the history of telemarketing, how business has changed over the years, the best way to recruit the top talent, telemarketing scams, why the art of Working From Home is dead and why some call centers fail when others succeed. Written by a professional who has 15 years of multi-national outbound telemarketing experience. Learn how to succeed as a telemarketer from his words.

To order, click HERE.


Available through Lulu.com as Paperback.  ISBN: 978-1-4092-8273-0; 978-1-4467-5462-7; 978-1-4467-0715-9


The Art Of Telemarketing  – Chris Jackson
Copyright © 2009

Telemarketing is more than a job. To be a successful telemarketer, one has to learn the game – as it were. This book will give you the right tools to become an empowering and dynamic telemarketer.


The Apostle’s MantleChris Jackson
Copyright © 2009

What is an Apostle? According to doctrine, An apostle is a minister sent directly by God to do a specific work. Despite what images may come to mind when a person thinks of what an Apostle is, the Mantle of Apostleship is not limited to acts of Signs and Wonders, nor is it limited to people working in the Ministry. Everyone can apply the basic principles of the Mantle to their everyday lives, from in the home, to your workplace.

Everyday, we see writers, speakers, actors, performing tasks what they believe in. These people have Boldness, Faith, Discipline, Motivation. These 4 elements are part and parcel of what the Apostle’s Mantle encompasses, which is not limited to some “selected” individuals.

In this book, we will look examine the term “Apostle” and how the meaning of the Word can greatly impact your life. From being involved in your church to being effective in your job.

You will learn how to apply the Apostle’s Mantle to every area of your life by using these fundamental truths.

Details HERE.