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Referral Bonus

Referral Bonus

During February – April, if you refer a collegue to use my service, you will be receive 20% off your next order.

EG: Order a block of 20 hours for 300 GBP and get 20% discount.

* Referred client need to use service for at least 1 week
* No limit on number of clients you refer. If you refer 2 or more clients who use my service, you will only be entitled to 20% discount per order you personally place.
* All orders are to be paid in full in advance
* Offer does not include VAT/GST


Answers to the most common questions I receive online or by email about the service:

1. Do you work in our time zone?

Yes we can call into your country. If you are familiar with the phrase “follow the sun“, then no further explanation is necessary.

2. How can you help me?

We have worked the B2C/B2B/Corporate sector for 22 years, working with clients in the US, Canada, Australia, UK/Ireland, Dubai, Europe, Russia, Hong Kong. Not only do we have the experience in these arenas, but we have lived in the US, Europe and Australasia. Each country and target market is different, depending on whether you want to reach out to SME’s to A, B or C Level Executives.

3. Are the fees negotiable? Can you work on commission?

Fees are only negotiable for existing/established clients. As for taking on projects that are commission based, we don’t accept commission work.

4. Can you come to our workplace and train our staff?

Yes. Staff Training is subject to the fees listed HERE.

5. What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel the service at any time. However, if you cancel during the block/time ordered, any refund due will be subject to standard fees.

6. How do I know the leads are good?

Chris has been in this industry for 24 years, and he has generated over $500 million dollars for clients globally. His referrals listed speak for themselves.

7. Do you outsource the work to someone else?

If your project is on a large scale, then we work with local Freelancers in our network who are onboard to assist in generating leads. Otherwise, we do all the calling ourselves.

8. If I use your service, am I eligible to claim this on my tax?

Yes. Any fees you pay a consultant are eligible to be counted under “business expenses”, of which you can itemize and include when you lodge your tax return. If requested, I can submit a monthly invoice in PDF format for you to lodge with your accountant. If you have questions, ask your accountant.

9. Do you find your own leads or do we supply them?

We prefer that you supply the data. Otherwise, any data harvesting is subject to standard fees. Please note, that if you supply the data for me to use, then you can expect the results to be based on  the quality of the data. IE: If you give me a database that is over 6 months old, and some of the prospects have been spoken to before, and then when I call and find out that the prospect has never heard of you, or the prospect never worked at the company, then don’t expect miracles. A Telemarketer will only be as good as the data provided. Another words, don’t expect gold when digging through a pile of mud.

10. Where are you located?

We are based in Philippines but we spend our leisure time traveling between Australia/Philippines/ UK and Europe. We are avid travel-bugs. We travel every two or three years, and wherever we go, the Laptops come with us. So we work remotely from whatever country we are based in.

11. You also write Business Plans?

Yes. Chris has dealt with many businesses in the past 24 years that wanted advice on how to put together a Business Plan, from those seeking $10,000 Micro-loan through to those who sought $50 Million Venture Funding. Chris has written Business Plans that are simple through to complex plans that Venture Capitalists look for.

12. I am interested in starting a campaign. Can I have a conference call with you to discuss?

Sure.  Contact  us  for a FREE 15 minute consultation to discuss your requirements. However, if you want to talk about your campaign at length (or at your office), a standard fee applies. NOTE: If you would like me to come to your office for a consultation, a standard fee of $45 an hour applies, (plus travel costs).

13. I don’t have a script. Can you write one for us?

Yes. I can write a professional script. The fee for this is $100 AUD, complete with rebuttals

14. How can I be sure you provide the service I want and not run off with my money?

I have a lot of feedback, and the results speak for themselves. On this site you will find the highlights of what I have accomplished over the last several years, as well as client testimonials.


FYI’s: Your Call Center Team (or individual) is your first line of attack. How the prospect sees you as a company comes down to how Knowledgeable & Professional the telemarketer is.

If you want Professionalism, you hire a professional to do the work. A Professional may cost more, but they also get the job done with no supervision.

For more details, contact me.

What Clients Are Saying

What Clients Are Saying

“Chris is excellent on the phone. We sell a niche, innovative and highly complex software product. The thing that impressed me the most was his ability to persevere and turn around prospects that initially were pushing back – to being open and actually excited to learn more about our product by the end of the conversation. Chris you’ve proved time and time again, why we brought you on. Well done!” – Rob F, M.D., InfoMotion

“Chris is truly a superstar on the phone.  I have interacted with hundreds of cold callers and appointment setters over the decades and what sets Chris apart is his ability to quickly grasp an idea and then in short order to be able to convey it in a natural and enthusiastic manner on the phone with key decision makers.  He is fearless and friendly, indeed, and a caller extraordinaire! Chris is among the best of the best. Highly recommended.” – Michael Morehouse, Founder, www.ColdCallingExpert.com.au

“Great to connect with you. Brett has been telling me about what a rock star you’ve been!” Private client, Australia

We have been searching for a competent telemarketer in the B2B space and found Chris Jackson. He is the best B2B sales/appointment generator we have come across, anyone looking for a native English speaker to do some business development work for them should put Chris on their shortlist.” Private client, Australia

We met with the prospect today. His feed back on your call was that you were professional, polite and made him want to meet with us. Again well done 🙂 You are 100% correct about the prospects being ready. We estimate less than 2% at any one time, but maybe it is higher” – Accounting Practice, Australia.

Chris has done two projects with us – both on time and on budget exactly to specifications. We plan to continue working with him on an on-going basis” – Marc D.

High Committment, sincere efforts, timely reports and good results. Thanks” – Bblogs

“I have gone through your calls and I am happy with the results.” – Justin, Webhost provider

“Thanks Chris, we are getting good results which is what we hope for. I will definitely be looking to extend the project, so can you email with your rates for continuing the job going forward.” – Eoin, Tax Advisor UK

“Professional, efficient, and crucially: does what he says he is going to do. Oh, and he gets results . . . need I say more!” , “The Telemarketing Genius!”– Simon, Cornflower Limited

“Can’t fault him for speed, efficiency and quality of work. Have used several times before and will continue to do so in the future.” – Charity Firm UK

“High Committment, sincere efforts, timely reports and good results.” – Ram, DSF, Dubai.

I have worked with Mr. Jackson over the last 10 years and he knows how to get to the decision maker and generate results.” – M. Mallett, CEO, CRI

Mr. Jackson is one of the few Multi-National Marketing experts in the industry.” – Steve, Owner, Taxivan

The lead generation service that Chris supplied was very professional. My campaign achieved a 20% lead rate from pure cold calls, which surpasses industry standards.”  – Rudi, Director, Tartaglia Marketing

A veteran in his field.” James – Call Center Director

Chris added-value to the overall success of a recent telemarketing campaign we ran for our client through his creativity and wealth of experience.” – Saul Rothbart, Rothbart & Company

There are telemarketers, then there is Chris Jackson.” – Tarak, Sharp

Chris did a project for me EXACTLY like I asked him, on time and with OUTSTANDING reporting” – Exponential Programs

Our many thanks to you Chris. We would not have gotten this far with your dedication” – Private Company, Australia

You’ve made a dent on the lead generation process. You do a good job following up and communicating” – James Stinson, GLOBAL Sky Inc

Impressed with Chris’s capability to jump into a project and hit the ground running. Have already and will hire him again and I recommend Chris without reservation” – John, ERC

A thorough professional and exceptional in work.” – Hitesh