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Telemarketing Training

In 2014, we launched our first workshop on Udemy. The Fundamentals Of Telemarketing Workshop   A series that can be used for training call center agents globally. Topics will range from the basics of Telemarketing, such as “Don’t Sound Like A Telemarketer” and “Getting Into The Right Frame Of Mind” to Advanced Techniques, such as “Building A Rapport That Will Result In Repeat Business”. Modules include:

  • Why are you here? A simple quiz for viewers to ask themselves why have they chosen to be a telemarketer. Is it for a paycheck at the end of the week, or do they believe in the product/service they are promoting?
  • Mindset – How to get into the right frame of mind for a productive day. In this topic we will explain how to get into the right frame of mind to get your job done effectively, and productively.
  • Skillset – Do you have the skills to convey your message to the prospect? When you have a prospective Buyer on the phone, you have approx 20 seconds to make an impact with your pitch. This topic will show you how to peak the Decision Maker’s interest and get you to the next level with the buyer.

Approaches – This topic will explain the differences in approaching a Prospective Buyer. Approach Topics include:

  • Lead Generation – How to approach the buyer to gather the information you require.
  • Consumer – When is the best time to phone the residential market. How to get past the barrage of Not Interested.
  • Businesses – Dealing with businesses is an art form, and the larger the business, the more difficult it can be to get the Decision Maker on the phone. This topic will explain how to get past the Gatekeeper, and end up with the information you need from the Decision Maker, whether they are a small business or Fortune 50 CEO.
  • Appointment Setting – Appointment Setting is a multi-level process. Whether you are setting up a face-to-face (F2F) meet or a Phone Appointment. Do you have the knowledge of the product, and do you have the persistence to repeat call until you get a meeting set for the team?
  • Difficult Calls – This topic will explain how to put your skills into practice when faced with difficult calls.
  • “NOT INTERESTED” Techniques – Where do you go with the call when the prospect says “NO”. This topic will show you what to do in these situations

Telemarketing, and The Art of Successful Telemarketing, is not something that can be learned overnight. These topics will help telemarketers, whether they are beginners through to advanced.

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